History of the MP3+G® Format

TriceraSoft was the creator of the MP3+G® format in late 1997 (early 1998) which we now recognize as the "standard" MP3+G® format and was the first to release the player that made it all happen: WinCDG (WinCDG Pro was the first to play direct from CD+G on a PC from a CD-ROM for performance). We were called "TyrannoSoft" at that time, but myself and Steve Gray were partners then (we worked together even before that) and we molded MP3+G® out of a basement in brampton (those were the days... lol).

Infact in 1996 we still called it MM+G in which we combined various audio formats with raw CDG with the focus in mind to make a KJ's life alot easier (we had to work from BIN files.. ewww). MP3 playback was still being perfected by Xing and Microsoft was still making popular the WMA format, hence we finally named and introduced both formats as MP3+G® and WMA+G (my idea, thank you). We also introduced a one file format called KMF which became popular but did not catch like MP3+G®. At the time hard-drives could not handle seeking to one file with two file handles (drove it nuts!), so we settled for two files (one buffered, one sync'ing). However KMF is still used today and supported under our players. WinCDG was the first player and creation tool that not only played MP3+G® but converted BIN files to WAV+G and encoded the WAV to MP3. As we learned to read the CD-ROM directly we created KMF Creator Lite (the built-in KMF and MP3+G® creation tool), which was the first portion of WinCDG to be removed and developed separately as CDG Ripper®. This was now the first dedicated MP3+G® creation ("ripping") utility (in other words, the first known Ripping tool). Both products are still available today and were the core of all our karaoke technologies.

As MP3+G® became popular people began to share the files (this was not our intention but it's a fact!), but they needed to transport the pair of files and therefore ZIP'ed or RAR'ed them. ZIP ofcourse was preferred by most and therefore the players decided to support MP3+G® from a ZIP (alot of the competitive players simply did it without thinking it through). I do have to mention that there is a reason to keep the two files apart and not use a ZIP container (infact every player has to first unzip the pair anyhow, so you lose more than you gain).

Since the creation of the format we've licensed out the Breeze engine and then the codec engine technology to various companies and introduced MP3+G® to the world, to name a few: TouchPoint, PCDJ, DJPower, Alcatech, Hercules, and AVA Systems (alot of which is still being used today).

We then took the next step and sought out manufacturers who were interested to join us in supplying karaoke. The first to agree was Panorama and soon after followed Zoom and Forever Hits. All of which are a great asset in the industry to properly supply karaoke. This once more showed the advantages and versatility of the MP3+G®

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