We are out of business, but not because of the quality of our products and services - they will still be used and enjoyed for many years after we are gone, I guarantee. We have been forced out of business by a very corrupt organization, a corrupt system, and unlimited pockets of money and power. We could not fight legitimately against such a system especially since there was no legal system in place to protect us in the first place - agreements mean nothing if there is no law to govern it and no eyes to read it. An absolute kangaroo court! The final blow was demonstrated recently when the judge blatantly called the hacking declaration bullshit and dismissed it - he had an 800 page declaration by the company that hacked our server (hired on by Sony) and an FBI statement showing it was over 2 years of hacking and reverse engineering of our products, services, and servers. I believe the FBI statement alone was enough but apparently the truth is never strong enough proof here, the truth was never enough in this case and you can't make someone read what they don't want to - I am simply not Trump enough for him. Yet we already knew that there was coercion and corruption within the first week (over 2 years ago) when this judge first ignored the Sony's lawyer declaration of "vaporize the existing and implied license", something was already a miss (two months they tried to erase the evidence, but you can't reverse something like this, so ignoring and burying is the best course of action) - this alone should have ended the suit if it was anywhere near normal, based only on perjury by the plaintiff and starting a frivolous lawsuit, but the judge insisted to continue the case, how convenient! -- with him in their favor they could do no wrong. The last 10 years of agreements, payments, and negotiations were ignored, shredded, and pissed on and what we worked for the last 20 years thrown into the wind with total disregard. When you have all your licenses in place (and in triplicate), you pay for over 10 years royalties and licensing fees, devote the last 10 years of your life to advocate legal distribution of products and services but then, comes along a force which can not be reckoned with, tells you right is wrong, now PAY UP OR DIE! You don't know if to first scream, jump off a roof, or which direction to run. And when it came to our lawyer knowing the facts and citing the real laws, that was too annoying for the judge so he conveniently arranged to have her removed - how dare she explain to him how copyright and contractual law works when she is merely a distinguished professor of copyright at the university!!&&@@ WTF!??& If forcing us out of business wasn't enough, their added motivation to extort insurance money to benefit the lawyers immediate pocket was more disgusting, but when they found nothing like this to offer their fangs satisfaction, the threats that followed were even more vicious. They purge no less than everyone around us of funds to satisfy their greed, or at least those who wished to partake in their extortion and left others to fend for themselves - when shit hits the fan you really get to see the evil that humans can release on one another - they illegally lined up all the prey in one room and played a little duck duck goose until they got someone to put up enough money or die trying to beg for it to stop (worse than a Nazi death line), then notched each one after another. But atleast they had merciful deaths, I was not afforded such options as a bullet to the head. It was not enough for them, they found it amusing and playful to continue my torture well after they got paid by the blood letters, and they continue to flip my world upside down, but what do you do at this point than just put up your hands in the air and face the facts when no one is listening or capable or making any difference, they have ruined me, my life, my reputation, and my career, and will continue to haunt me for many more years, just like they have done to many others before me, but is anyone actually listening?? - When an organization within the universe of publishers and companies such as Sony with unlimited wealth wants you out, they don't ask, they don't consider buying you out, they squeeze you out of your life and then some. And they go as far as to push their influence and buy out the entire system around to make it happen, even when the cost is enormously larger than just "here is some money, we want your market, go away!", it's completely hopeless. You have no idea how many have turned on us and lied (in declarations) to keep their big client Sony happy and make sure they all do anything to simply bury us just to appease them ("we will do what you want, just keep doing business with us. Don't worry, the bus won't miss running over his corpse when we are done, he is nothing to us..."), don't trust any of these agencies or organizations, none of them will back you up - they will all back their big food source first. And don't ever trust your agreements with any of these organizations or companies (its not worth the ink it was signed or printed in) as they have the power to influence (BUY) the judge and simply void them making them invisible as they never existed. The judge has conveniently arranged my case to end just before he retires, I guess the retirement payout was enough for his retirement fund (I wonder if he can buy a pretty yaght with it) - I hope the FBI can give him a retirement gift (unfortunately most likely not because who knows how high his influence goes). They all got away with some real nasty shit, worse they all kept my money for the last 10 years and came out peachy doing so. All I have now is nothing left to show than over 20 years of my life dedicated (spent uselessly) to improving the industry for their benefit, they took it from me as if it were a gift. And they got the market they wanted which I built, gathered, and educated the audience for them. The publishers were the first to steal my brand, my format, my market, my company, and now my life - in that order. They have done this to countless others and will continue to do so again. There was never any efforts on their part to stop the actual pirates since they are the pirates themselves. The illegal providers whom have never paid a cent or made any agreements with these bastards, continue to operate unimpeded, but at this point I would say good for them - there was always a rumour in the industry that the moment you work with the publishers you open yourself to a world of hurt (seems counter intuitive that doing the right thing is the worse mistake), this has proven to be correct over and over. I naively thought that you should always do the right thing, and that meant to pay my share to the artists for their contributions through organizations that managed royalties. But these organizations are HUGE! (Trump emphasis and hand gesture included) crooks making their money on corruption and ensnaring weak souls to fund them, they are not interested in your morals and doing the "right thing", they steal from both directions (making money and gathering power from every direction, extortions/licensees, artists, writers, etc) and squeeze more when they feel it necessary. When I first inquired on how to start, I found it odd that the first question they asked me when I introduced myself was "did you sell anything yet?", if I am requesting a license to start a service then why and how would that be relevant (that is how my legal mind thinks, not seasoned crooks like them)?? But their question is obviously geared for crooks like them - when in Rome, do as the Romans, and they definately built this city so suffice to say like them. Fortunately there are few of us that don't accept this, but the unfortunate part is we have to pay these assholes ransom to leave us alone - I just submitted myself to this faster by throwing myself into the lion's den first whilst wearing blinders. I now find it obvious that most of the companies that come to them feel it best to only come after (you learn these things well after it is too late to figure out what you got snared into), this is the best practice in this world of infestation and crooks, to ask for forgiveness is cheaper then to ask for permission (apparenty much less), and better-off doing so since they will come for your livelihood anyhow soon after you sign with them anyhow or they will simply wait it out, lure you in, and bite hard when it is most convenient. When you work with them for 10 years reporting logs and royalties, they know your exact numbers so it is a matter of time when they want to take more. If I knew this is how this market worked and that I was simply being set-up, I would never have picked up the phone and ever considered to resell music (Understand that all this time I was just a mere reseller, I wasn't even a distributor with anything to call my own). But here is the rub, who's actually listening out there? More over, who's listening and can actually make a difference and stand up to them?